Quality Policy

ALI SAIF is a Transport and Logistics service provider and its success in business dependent on is customer's satisfaction with the quality of services it provides.

"Quality Assurance is therefore an extremely important part of its strategy to ensure that they can be completed safely with due regards being given to environmental conversion.

ALI SAIF will achieve its mission by implementing a process of continuous Quality Control which will:

  • Improve its competitiveness and profitability
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduse costs related to non-conformance
  • Increase employe motivation

The following basic tenets are fundamental to the success of ALI SAIF business strategy:

  • CUSTOMERS: ALI SAIF must seek and hold in high esteem its customers goodwill, without Customers there is no business.
  • SERVICES: ALI SAIF must provide customers with products and services which meet their needs and which are supported by the finest road transport capability with in the Gulf region
  • EMPLOYEES: ALI SAIF employees are their most valuable assets. They control and determine its reputation for intelligence, innovation and integrity