Health, Safety and Enviorment

ALI SAIF has as ongoing responsibility to provide its employees with a safe and healthy work environment in which to perform their duties

ALI SAIF recognizes its responsibility to promote and encourage among its employees and subcontractors, measures to safeguard and protect the health and safety of all who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities.

ALI SAIF acknowledges that tasks should not be started until all necessary are in place to ensure that they can be completed safely with due regarded being given to environmental conservation.

ALI SAIF confirms the Health, Safety and Environmental Conservations are integral parts of its primary business activity and that it will adopt and maintain the following tenets when compiling future Business Plans and Strategies.

  • Aiming Zero our incident
  • Promoting HSE culture
  • Customer Stratification
  • All Injuries canbe prevented
  • HSE is a line mnagement responsibilty
  • Employees have an individual and collective responsibility for each others safty
  • Safe working practices will be enforced
  • Effective safty training will be given
  • The enviormentwill be protected and pollution minimized
  • Natural resources will be efficiently and effecively utilized
  • Natural resources will be efficiently and effectively utlized.
  • Alcohol and drugs abuse will not be tolerated

LTI free Award 2013 got by ALI Saif Al MAhrooqi from GWDC is one of the testimonies for its purposeful commitment towards Company set HSE Goals.